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Ysgol Gynradd Gymunedol Porth Tywyn
Parc Elkington Porth Tywyn
Sir Gaerfyrddin, SA16 0AU

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Burry Port Community Primary School
Ysgol Gynradd Gymunedol Porth Tywyn

Croeso i Blwyddyn 2

Welcome to Year 2

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This term our theme will be 'Earth and Beyond' we will start the term by looking at the different habitats that animals live in.

We will first look under the sea and discover all the different creatures and animals that live there, we will paint under the sea pictures as well as create factfiles on our chosen creature using the apple macs. We will develop our mathematics skills by learning about capacity and using our outdoor areas we will investigate how capacity works and how we can measure it. 


We will listen to some under the sea music and use it to create a gymnastics routine that is inspired by the movements of the animals that live there.

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In our Religious Education this year we will be looking at Judaism, we will have a virtual tour of a Jewish synagogue and look in detail at all the different areas and their purposes. We will also look at the Hebrew language and create our very own Torah scrolls the Jewish holy book. 

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We will celebrate Harvest this year by learning a poem called 'Our Harvest vegetables'. We will be performing in front of the whole school and we will be wearing vegetable hats that accompany the poem. 

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To finish our time looking at under the sea, we will visit the local lifeboat station and have a talk about being safe near the sea and how we can help people in danger. We will also get to see the two lifeboats that we have in Burry Port and one of our teachers will even get dressed up as a crew member. 

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Our next habitat will be the rainforest, we will go on the hunt for all the different animals that live there and discover where they live in the different layers of the rainforest. Next we will develop our creative skills by painting some of the animals from toucan to macaws, we will develop our maths knowledge by creating symmetrical patterns that are inspired by the butterflies that live there.  

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Our P.E sessions will be focussed around the animals that we can find there and we will be creating a sequence of movements that imitate those animals from angry cat to happy cat.  

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Our class charter this year has a space theme and we all agreed on the rights that we have and also the promises that we have to keep so that our class can learn to the best of our ability. 

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