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Ysgol Gynradd Gymunedol Porth Tywyn

Croeso i Flwyddyn 5 CNJ

Welcome to Year 5 CNJ

Pupils have been very busy at the start of term creating their Class Charter and electing their class representatives and here they are.......... 

School Council
Evie Davies

Class Council
Megan Jade Elliot & Bradley Maplanka

Eco Council
Aimee John

Criw Cymraeg
Katie Rees & Caitlin Evans


IMG 8566

This Autumn term we will be focusing on 'World War 1' and 'The Victorians'. 

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1, children will begin the term by researching what started WW1, how it came to be, and the causes and effects on soldiers and civilians across all nations involved.  

IMG 8565

We will also be looking at the daily living conditions that soldiers were subjected to, and the dangers of daily life of a soldier, using some well-known poetry from that time. We will also research and locate information on the young men from Burry Port who fought in WW1, and learn about the significance of Armistice Day and the poppy.

The Key Stage 2 pupils will then perform in the World War 1 service to be held in the Memorial Hall at the end of September. Pupils will call the names of all of the soldiers that died during the First World War from Pembrey and Burry Port. This should be a service to remember with the community coming together in remebrance.  

We will then move on to the Victorian era. Children will be given opportunities to study and learn some of the many important historic events during Victorian times. We will be looking at the daily lives of different people during this period, and be made aware of how such important historic events shaped and affected their lives. In addition, we will be using a variety of sources, including internet research, to support children in their quest to learn about the many influential people of this era, and their effects on society and the world we live in today. 

IMG 8568 IMG 8567


As the term will progress we will post some work for you all to see. 

I am very pleased and proud that the children performed in the World War 1 concert in the Memorial Hall. They really did open the show well and set the mood for the whole concert.

The pupils have prepared a short imovie for you all to see some of the work that has been covered in the classroom and through homework on the theme World War 1. Thank you to the small ICT group who have put it all together with such care. There are examples of WW1 poetry, numeracy work through old coins which some of the children decided to bring into school.  

Pupils have also chosen some important images from that time.

The pupils have also worked on explanation text writing linked to Pie Corbett. Im sure that if you asked them they would perform it for you! 

They are very good!

Work on the Victorians has started!

Over the half term holiday pupils will be preparing their project to present to the class on the first day back. We look forward to seeing their work.

We must always remember to work together to be the best that we can be!