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Burry Port Community Primary School
Ysgol Gynradd Gymunedol Porth Tywyn

Croeso i Flwyddyn 6DB

Welcome to Year 6DB

Article 29: 

'To be the best that we can be' 

Brazilian Flag

Click here: Brazil mid term plan

Welcome to another exciting year in 6DB.

We have a lot of fun and learning together ahead of us.

In the Autumn term our theme is 'Brazil'. Our class novel is 'Journey to the River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson. We will travel through the Amazon through the eyes of Maia an orphan child and this will form the basis of our literacy activities.

Jouney To The River Sea

We will start the theme by looking at where Brazil is in the world using maps and atlases. We will find natural and man made features using our grid referencing and co-ordinate skills. We will learn how to convert distances using the scales on the map. We will create travel brochures to advertise and persuade people to travel to Brazil. We will also be booking a trip to Brazil for Mrs Bennett, using our numeracy skills to budget and arrange the holiday.  

When Mrs Bennett returns from her trip to Brazil, we will look at the lives of the people who live there. We will see how they live, their school life and their culture. We will compare and contrast life between the wealthy city areas to the poorest favelas of Brazil. 

Brazilian Favalas  Rio

We will use this opportunity to study sustainable development and what we can do to reduce, reuse and recycle our everyday materials. We will see how the people living in the favelas take waste materials and use them to build their homes and sell on to make money. We will also use recycled materials to create a Rio carnival mask. 

Rio Mask

To develop our creative skills, we will be listening to, composing and appraising various Brazilian music. Also in P.E. we will be creating a dance sequence to samba carnival music. It is a lively and energetic dance and you may even get to see it in our class assembly. 

Samba Instruments

We will also be looking at the contemporary Brazilian artist Aldo Bonadei who uses colour and shape to create beautiful Brazilian landscapes aswell as the work of Romero Britto. We will create our own pieces of art based on the style of the artist and explore digital photography once we feel inspired.  


We will take a trip to Plantasia to experience life in the Amazon rainforest and spend time in a tribal hut. We will have the opportunity to observe Amazon animal species and plant life. We will debate and discuss the issues surrounding deforestation and create action plans to conserve the rainforest. 


Our class have been busy nominating representatives. 

Head boy - Jimmy Evans Head girl - Ceara Flynn 

School council
Nathanael Cheetham and Tegan Radcliffe

Class council
Harriet Porter and Lilli-Ella Jaros - Grover

Eco council
Alisha Collins and Charlie Holden

Sport Ambassadors
Katie Roberts and Hayden Evans

Playground Peacemakers
Jimmy Evans, Harriet Porter and Lilli-Ella Jaros Grover

Criw Cymraeg
Harriet Porter, Ceara Flynn, Jimmy Evans, Rebecca Lewis, Demi-Lee King, Mia Daniels, Katie Roberts, Harvey Jacob


Our Class Charter 

We are a Rights Respecting school and together we have discussed the UNCRC articles. We understand that children have rights but also responsibilities to protect those rights. We have created a class charter showing that rights and responsibilities apply to us as children and the adults around us, we are all linked together.

IMG 4006




In the spring term our theme will be World War II 

We will start the term by sequencing the major events and creating a WW2 timeline. After listening to Neville Chamberlain's radio broadcast about declaring Britain at war with Germany, we will create our very own broadcast, using the Apple Mac application Garage Band, in the same 1940's style.

We will be developing our journalistic skills to interview Mrs Joyce Powell, a local resident and taking notes about her experiences. We will take what we learn from these interviews and write a newspaper article about the events of WW2 including VE day. 

Neville Chamberlain

We will investigate the reasons why the war started and look at Hitler's life from early childhood. In Philosophy we will explore the consequences of one mans' opinion on the Jewish faith. We will study the life of Anne Frank through her diary. Philosophy sessions will explore issues regarding war/suffering, democracy/dictatorship, courage, hope, racism/equality. 

Anne Frank

Part of our theme will be spent looking at the lives of evacuees during the war, we will explore the reasons and the motives behind it and also look at the effects that it had on the lives of the children. We will compare life between children in the city and children in the countryside and how moving from one to the other gave the children fantastic experiences and taught them new life skills.


We will study rationing and the 'Dig for Victory' campaign and using our numeracy skills will plan and create a vegetable garden so that we can grow our own vegetables and have enough food to feed the family.

Dig For Victory Dig For Victory 1 

The lives of the soldiers is another area of study, where we will look at genuine WW2 artefacts and a soldiers kit bag. Using our thinking skills we will investigate what each item was used for.

WW2 Soldiers

Our creative development this term will focus around propaganda posters from WW2, we will pick out the key features of a propaganda poster and use them to create our very own poster using a range of mediums including ICT.  

Propaganda PosterPropaganda Poster 1

In science this term we will be investigating sound. We will focus on the various parts and functions of the human ear. We will carry out a fair test to investigate how to sound proof an Anderson shelter with different materials so that we could reduce the volume of noise from the WW2 air sirens. 

The Ear  Anderson Shelter