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Person Centred Practices


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We use person-centred practices to help all learners learn more effectively, reflecting their individual strengths and interests. Relationships are also more productive and positive and staff, learners and parents find it easier to share information.

The use of person-centred tools and approaches allow meetings and reviews to have an informal approach.  They are relaxed and unthreatening for everyone, while giving you a thorough and systematic way to lead to productive planning, action and outcomes which make a powerful difference to our pupils.

One-page profiles

Why do we use one-page profiles?

  • support learners’ learning

  • reflect ‘pupil voice’

  • support transition across the key stages

  • provide key information for supply teachers. 

A one-page profile describes a pupil’s character, gifts and talents; what is important to them; and the best way to support them. 
What do one-page profiles contain?

There are three elements in a one-page profile.

  • Appreciation: what people like and admire about the pupil; their character, gifts and talents.

  • What is important to the pupil: what matters to the them, from their perspective?

  • How to support the pupil: expertise about how to get the best out of them, from their perspective and their family, teachers and other staff.

Our aim in creating a one-page profile is to discover what support a pupil needs, and to balance this with what is important to them. 
Important to/important for
Getting a balance of what is important to and for our pupils underpins our approach.  Person-centred practice brings the focus back onto the pupil.

Finding out what is important to and for all pupils is at the heart of creating their one-page profile, and later when necessary in developing outcomes and actions in person-centred reviews.

Important to

What is important to a pupil includes the things that really matter to them, that give pleasure and meaning, and provide quality of life. Knowing what makes our pupils happy is key .

Important for

What is important for our pupils includes those things that must happen in order for them to progress in their education, develop, and stay healthy and safe. 

Balancing important to and important for

We all have to balance what is important to us and what is important for us.  

The one-page profile helps us to describe this balance by setting out clearly what is important to and for each pupil in one place. 

Where possible each one-page profile will be saved on HWB and accessed at home to allow everyone to collaborate.  


Person-centred reviews: what are they?

A person-centred review is exactly that – it puts the pupil at the centre of the discussion and focuses on:

  • the aspirations of the pupil and their family

  • understanding what is important to the pupil

  • addressing what is important for the pupil to develop and progress

  • describing what good support looks like

  • analysing what is working and not working from different perspectives

  • developing an action plan based on person-centred outcomes. 


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